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How To Decide What Services To Provide.

Want to jump right in and service everybody? Sounds awesome but not realistic! Lets determine who we can serve by what we have and when we can do it!

Of course we want to make all the money. That money will be short lived if we don't provide excellent service or if we don't provide service at all. So we must be strategic on picking the services we can provide. There are over 50 different services we can provide in the cleaning business. And many with little to know money to start.

Your money will only go as far as your resources will allow...time, skills, effort!

When deciding what services you should provide there are lots to consider. You should be thinking right now.

How much money do i have?

Based on the amount of money you have, will decide where you will start. If funds are limited it may require you to provide services that you can do with what you already have.

Do you have money for the following

  1. Insurance

  2. Supplies

  3. Marketing

Do you have the time?

When do you plan to operate your business. Based on when you can clean will determine who you will serve!

  • Commercial Cleaning: Most jobs after hours when building is closed.

  • Residential Cleaning: Clients prefer before 6pm. Except for specialty cleaning.

If you have a job and family, you will need to consider this when creating operating hours for your business. You need to be able to deliver when a client calls. So be clear as to WHEN you can deliver.

What do you have right now, that can help you make money!

  1. Do you have a car to get to cleaning jobs, or should you be working an area that you can do on foot.

  2. Do you have the supplies you need based on the services your offering and if not , where can you get them.

  3. What can you do right now, with what you have at your disposal?

Not all services require you to have money to start: ie Laundry Service. Look at what you have or can do RIGHT NOW, do that! Make enough money in those areas to purchase the things you need to make more money.

To find out the best ways to start your business with LESS money and how to make the most in the cleaning business. Sign up for my class " 50 to $50,000 Pricing & Profiting in The Cleaning Industry"

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