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5 Services You Can Provide With No Money To Start

So you want to get in the cleaning business and don't have any money or should i say little money! There's a way to get started in the cleaning industry and work your way up. Make more money in no time. Here's a few ways to start...

I'm a true believer that faith without works is dead. I started with one house, very little money and a huge amount and drive and ambition. I had 200 clients by my second year in business. Drive and Consistency will help you win at cleaning. I so want you to win at this, but you must be strategic and as informed as possible. So ( I get so excited ) Let's get started! Here's what services we can provide with very limited resources.

1. Window Cleaning

From paper towel and Windex to a window cleaning stick, towels and a bucket! It's all under $20!

2. House Cleaning

Supplies Needed

  • Your can get started with dollar store supplies. Unless vacuum is purchased. ( Give you clients a discount for using their own supplies ) $25-$200 Start Up

3. Appliance Cleaning

Supplies Needed:

  • You need lots of elbow grease and some rags, Brillo, dish detergent and oven cleaner. $20-$50 Start Up

4. Closet Organizing Cleaning

Supplies Needed:

  • Labor Only and a skill to organize and a eye for details is needed for this service. You also must be able to delegate well. Most organizing jobs require a team to be for efficient and effective.

5. Bathroom Cleaning ( Only )

Don't sleep on bathrooms! Unless at I made $2000 in one night cleaning bathrooms.

Supplies Needed:

  • Cleaning bathrooms is the easiest most required service of all. You can get ajax, rags, fabulous, glass cleaner and paper towel ( possible sponge/abrasive on other side ) Including Swiffers for high areas $30-75* Start Up: includes mop, gloves and bucket


  • Understanding: Understanding of your industry and the service you are providing and what it takes to succeed in this industry. Understanding of your client and their needs.

  • Consistency: The same thing you did to get the client is the same thing you must do to keep the client and get more clients. And we must do it again, and again to make more money and for it to be continuous. That goes from service to customer service.

  • Determination: You must believe this will work. If you don't who will? You must be determined to get your product or service in front of the right client.

  • Sacrifice: We must understand that things will fall by the waste side as we build this business. We must be willing to give up some things to save other things.

If you need help with any of this. Lets schedule a time to talk. I provide a free 15 minute consult. You be surprised what we can get done in 15 minutes.

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