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Cleaning Business Book " How To Start A Cleaning Business In 7 Days "

How To Start A Cleaning Business in 7 Days


This guide will help you start a successful cleaning business in just 7 days!

Learn all the essential information for setting up your business, such as types of insurance, pricing, do's and don'ts, when to create your structure and best practices.


Get your business up and running quickly and easily with this comprehensive guide


    • Learn Pricing: Commercial & Residential
    • Ask yourself the necessary questions about setup & start 
    • Define your services and additional ways to make money
    • Learn what affiliates you need and how to connect
    • Clarity Check List
    • Learn about the different types of insurance and which businesses will need them
    • What forms you  will need for your business & clients
    • Learn what you need now and what can wait for.
    • Learn Do's & Dont's 
    • Last Minute Check List
    • Get spaces to add your business info and get things started
    • Glossary for additional reference. 
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