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Why Start A Residential Cleaning First!

Are you thinking of starting a cleaning business? What type of cleaning business matters financially and physically. Here's why...

Everyone who has friends in the Entrepreneurial world has or knows someone who has or had a cleaning business. More likely HAD, but that's another story or blog for another day. One key factor that determines how you start or finish, is your structure or type of cleaning business and the steps you take to get there. First thing before deciding the type or services you want to provide, we first look at the resources we have at our disposal.

Ask yourself?

Do you have the money to start the business on the level you want to start it, or do you need to work up to that level?

If you are wanting to jump right in, and want to start a cleaning business you will need to buy into a franchise or something already set up. Or have enough money to pay for all things needed to start and serve your target market (ie, insurances,supplies,licenses)

If money is an issue

Residential Cleaning is the way to go! Residential Cleaning pays same day and requires less insurance, supplies and licensing. If you are Leary going into peoples homes, then consider the following services:

  1. Move In / Move Out

  2. Turn Key Cleaning - Similar to move outs, may require flat rate price and fixtures swapped out ( More commercial cleaning service term )

  3. Debris Removal - may require a truck or pulley to remove trash/debris

  4. Appliance Cleaning

  5. Showroom/Staged Homes or Homes For Sale

Do you have help?

Lets say your business grows as you hope it will. ( based on all your hard work ) Who will provide the services to your clients? You can't do it alone. When i started i worked 10-15 Hour days cleaning. And i must say it took a toll on my body. Which can then cause burn out! So what happens to your business and clients?

You need to have a team of people who have the same beliefs and standards that you do and will work hard with you to grow the business. And once added, until they get your standard mastered there is a possibility of accidents. And its best to be covered.

If you have a staff or people that help you, then Residential Cleaning is the way to make sure people get paid. Your employees will not want to wait for a month to get paid. So if you have both or start with the Residential Cleaning Services you can get RIGHT NOW MONEY!

Do you want to talk further about the pro's and con's of residential and commercial cleaning or get help creating a strategy on the best ways to start. Schedule a coaching session or sigh up for one of my class " How To Start A Cleaning Business "


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