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Performance Review

Performance Review


Whats the best way to learn from mistakes? Being able to see where the skill, or lack of insight of a job are not to the performace needed to fulfill an assignement. A performace evaluation helps not just you as a business owner but also the employee to see where they are strongest in skills and where the improvement is needed. This also shows what is the best way to teach staff the best how to improve their jobs and gain more experience. 

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds on purchased items

  • Form Creation

    All forms are customized for your Business

    • Adding logo
    • Adding Business Name and Contact Info

    You are allowed to OMIT any rules, policies, or procedure you do NOT want your staff to follow and do not want on this form.

    There will be an additional fee for ANY additional information  added to forms. Or if you request to alter them in any way

  • Turn Around Time

    Once logo and contact information is sent. Forms will be completed and sent to you in PDF form only within 72 Hours ( 3 Days )

  • Word Document / Edit and Keep

    Want to be able to change form at a later date? Purchase the DOC/WORD Feature for an additional $25 per document

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