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Non-Compete Clause

Non-Compete Clause


Protect your brand, protect your business! We live in a time of not everyone has the best or rightful intentions to you or your business. The business practice of a many companies and clients outside relationships are build and sometimes clients are lost. Only to later find out the one you hired for your company has left to do the exact same work, for the customer that was was once your client. Protecting your company, helps stop this from happening and when it does, gives your a leg up in how to proceed forward with action. Your business is just that; yours. Provide yourself with promise of peace in when relationships end with either clients or its employees you have stepped away from, your business will stil have business, and not see your business stolen from you. 

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds on purchased items

  • Form Creation

    All forms are customized for your Business

    • Adding logo
    • Adding Business Name and Contact Info

    You are allowed to OMIT any rules, policies, or procedure you do NOT want your staff to follow and do not want on this form.

    There will be an additional fee for ANY additional information  added to forms. Or if you request to alter them in any way

  • Turn Around Time

    Once logo and contact information is sent. Forms will be completed and sent to you in PDF form only within 72 Hours ( 3 Days )

  • Word Document / Edit and Keep

    Want to be able to change form at a later date? Purchase the DOC/WORD Feature for an additional $25 per document

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