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Lets face it, not everyone can afford somethings others may think are luxuries. But that doesnt mean these things arent needed for everyone. Sometimes when life hands you a lemon, you dont just make lemonade out of it, you create a space to share the goodness of a of having a drink to quench thrist. Donations do the same, when a client or inquiring individual reaches out for assistance, to be able to give the peace of mind in having to not worry about when or how things will be accom and checked as completed. Allow your business to relieve that burden that many recieve when they are not able to have and obtain. 

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds on purchased items

  • Form Creation

    All forms are customized for your Business

    • Adding logo
    • Adding Business Name and Contact Info

    You are allowed to OMIT any rules, policies, or procedure you do NOT want your staff to follow and do not want on this form.

    There will be an additional fee for ANY additional information  added to forms. Or if you request to alter them in any way

  • Turn Around Time

    Once logo and contact information is sent. Forms will be completed and sent to you in PDF form only within 72 Hours ( 3 Days )

  • Word Document / Edit and Keep

    Want to be able to change form at a later date? Purchase the DOC/WORD Feature for an additional $25 per document

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