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Monthly Coaching (  Documents  Included )

Monthly Coaching ( Documents Included )

$397.00 Regular Price
$197.00Sale Price

Monthly Coaching ( Includes Documents )


3 (1 hour) Sessions Sessions every 10 days / No rollover sessions Remember!


(No Commitment, Month To Month)


👀No rollover Session, No Reschedule!


I am a RESULTS COACH, meaning we're going to be getting sh*t done. So, if you aren't ready for what YOU SAY you want, we might need to revisit coaching later.


👉🏾Must have scheduled sessions no later than 48 hours of purchase


👉🏾Remember we will be creating a 90 Day Game plan.


📆RESULTS: The objective is for you to get the information and APPLY it right away to your business in order to see RESULTS quicker. You will be accountable for taking Action at every session.


👉🏾You will be expected to SHOW UP, to every session, ready to learn and execute.


🤩Remember, it's OK, not to know...ask as many questions as possible.


??? Documents:

Includes up to (2) Templated or Non Templated documents per Month ( Coaches Discretion)

Gain Access to documents for view and for editing.


COACHING AGREEMENT. Once payment is made it takes effect. So please read...


* Can purchase templates and documents at a discounted rate

  • Appointment Policy

    *There will be no rescheduled appointments on cancelled appointments.

    *All appointments must be scheduled at time of purchase and scheduled (10) days out from each other

    *Appointment scheduled cannot exceed 30-45 days

  • Documents

    Documents are given at the discretion of the Instructor. Could be more.

    * Minimum 2 Industry Documents per month included

    Full access to View Only Material: The client is responsible for editing and converting documents for use. 

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