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The Mindset You Need To Stay In This Business

This was the best topic to speak about. How well you clean is a small piece, but how you see this and your mindset is everything. It's what will make or break your business. Here's why...

We all have different reasons we got into the cleaning business. Some because we were a little OCD and good at it, some looking for a different way to make money. So our motivation can be different but drive is the same. To " Win At Cleaning"! You may say , Coach Shey not me i work hard to make more money. And if that's the case you will be working hard for the rest of your life. Or at least as long as your in business.

Work for money is a barter system or arraignment. So it will always take one to get the other. It's like a hamster wheel. And it should always equal out. But that sounds like more of a job and employee situation. You pay me for 40 hours and i get the same check, and we do it over and over and get the same results.

Your in business to Win/Grow/Make More Money

Growth should be your main and only focus. Because if your growing your making more money and you do that by being the best in the business.

Your Belief System

If you believe this wont work, then it wont! It's just that simple. You already have your mind made up. And it's the things that leads you through this journey. Now if you think like me because " I'm a Superhero ", then you will know that all things are possible with effort, determination and consistency. Yeah, i said Superhero...and so meant it. I have such a strong believe in myself that i NEVER see obstacles only challenges. With challenges I'm inspired. It feeds my soul to see what I'm made of. Be the over comer. I don't believe you can say you've done the work if you cannot say you've done your best!

That's what keeps you in business. Doing your best! When customers get excellent service they come back. They tell there friends. Which means more money.


If you plan to be around for a long time, then you need to willing to add people to your team and create systems for your business. Don't just move for right now. Time will pass very quickly when your busy and this will take a toll on your body along the way. So think business owner, not self employed.

A Business: Can last years and years if proper systems are put in play and your providing great service.

A Self Employed Person ( One Man Show ) : Can only last as long as their body last and can only do so much. Putting a cap on your money capabilities.

And remember this is not about you. Your in the service business. That means you are to provide a service. Not just cleaning services, Customer Service! Because your in the Customer Service Business. Lot's of times people will keep companies who are providing " Not so good service " Because they are now friends with the cleaner. I never recommend it, because it can go south very quickly. It's still business!

So i say to keep your clients in mind at all times and remain informed about your industry and consistent with the services you provide. Because this can be a very overwhelming journey. Connect and Network with other cleaning professionals. You will then realize some of your so called obstacles are more common then you think. And are just apart of being in the business. Every business has growing pains.


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