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Pricing Bathrooms

Bathrooms my favorite room in the house! I know you think i sound crazy saying that, but it's the one room that keeps us in business. Residential or Commercial. And the one thing you guys ask me the most questions about. So let's talk pricing!

I'm sure as a cleaner these can be the vain of your existence. If your doing residential I'm sure you have seen your fair share of jacked up bathrooms. Some will have you re-think this business. So pricing is everything. Lets make it worth it to turn those frowns upside down.

Residential Cleaning

You can start a cleaning business just doing bathrooms alone. It's a million dollar industry!

When pricing residential i price everything around the bathrooms and the time it takes to clean them. The going rate for a residential/commercial cleaning technician is about $40-50 per hour. So lets determine pricing based on size and mess in each one.

  • Full Bathrooms / Standard size home (1500-200sq ft / 3bed-2bath) 30-45 Minutes to clean = $50

  • Half Bathroom / All homes are the about the same / 20 minutes = $25

  • Full Bathroom / Larger home-Jacuzzi tub/glass shower (Over 2000sq. ft ) 1 hour to clean = $65

You may ask why the price is slightly higher then the hourly. I am including for supplies.

Commercial Bathrooms

Commercial Bathroom prices are prices strictly based on time spent or prices per stalls.

  • 2 Stalls: $40

  • 4 Stalls: $65

  • Just a bathroom you price it at half bath prices $25

These are prices for bathrooms that are not a mess

What about the mess?

What if the bathroom is a mess how do i price it?

  • A little work, but not so bad: $25 additional

  • I should have bought some help: $45 additional ( and get some help with this money )

  • They need to throw the bathroom away and start all : $75 additional & pray.

The mess prices could vary based on the mess and extent of the dirt. Some bathrooms are so dirty you need to go purchase additional supplies to clean them. Always consider the unexpected when pricing.

If you need assistance with pricing and want to see the different types of bathroom mess as well as how to price the entire cleaning job. Schedule a coaching session.


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