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Don't Add Additional Services, Add Affiliates!

You can work harder or you can work smarter. The choice is yours. My choice would be to make more money and do less work. So if that's the same for you. Let's see how we can make the most of this cleaning business and not kill ourselves in the process.

So you want to add additional services. There's a few factors we should look at before making this decision.

1. Do i have the man power to provide the services and meet the demand?

2. Who is my target market and why do i feel the need to add this particular service? ( Is it in demand? / Do I have the tools? )

3. Do i have the time for it?

4. Do i have the proper licenses, insurance or training needed to provide this service?

Do what you need to do, not what you can do...

Your probably confused by that statement. If you know my motto " Fact or Feeling " you know what I'm about to You may hear me say this often in my blog. I don't believe there is any room in business for your feelings. There is no money in it. And it's exhausting!

Feelings are for your customers and clients to have. They determines how they move and spend their money. BUT that's a talk for another day. Your FEELINGS say " Do it " because you can. The FACT is, it will ONLY make money if there is a need for it.

Fill The Demand

We're in a world of supply and demand. And it's easy to want to fulfill every need your client has but it takes a lot of work and puts additional responsibility on you and your business. So what do you do? You add other businesses to your team!

When i was working in Residential Cleaning i would have customers either talking to me about their needs or asking me did i know anyone who did certain things.

For instance, the husband may be talking about going to the car wash, or getting the grass cut. The lady of the house may be trying to find someone to clean the pool or the outside windows of the house. THAT DOESN'T MEAN GO BUY A PRESSURE WASHER..LOL

It means find you a locally owned Pressure Washing business and check out there reviews. I always believe in doing your research! Call them up and see if they want to do some business with you and let them know why they should. You can be in a partnership and work on a referral fee basis or a commission basis. That should be determined early on and put in writing.

You can outsource most of your services and only do what you love or are very good at. And still make money.

These are the best services to get subcontract when in The Cleaning Business

  1. Pressure Washing

  2. Pool Cleaning

  3. Carpet Cleaning

  4. Organizing

  5. Gutter Cleaning

  6. Window Cleaning

  7. Lawn Service ( yes, you can make referral money form this service )

  8. Car Detailing

  9. Laundry Service

  10. Hoarding / Debris Removal

These are my Top Ten Affiliate Connections. I make money with all these industries. You should too! This list can work the other way around , these affiliate businesses can use a cleaning business as a referral to there clients. There clients ask them about referrals as well. That could be you. Always consider partnering with the connections in your industry that compliment your business. Kinda like Peanut Butter & Jelly. They work!

For more information on how to add affiliates to your team and make MORE MONEY doing it. Sign up for my next " Making Money With Many " Group Coaching Session

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